Console client

The repository is located here.

Here is a preview of the tool.


Clone the project and go inside it with:

$ git clone
$ cd olivia-console

Then run it:

$ go build
$ ./olivia-console

It will create a default config.json file.



To change the Olivia url just update the config.json file.

Here is an example:

 "port": "8080",
 "host": "localhost",
 "debug_level": "error",
 "bot_name": "Olivia",
 "user_token": "52fdfc072182654f163f5f0f9a621d729566c74d10037c4d7bbb0407d1e2c64981855ad8681d0d86d1e91e00167939cb6694"


  • bot_name - name for your bot (default - Olivia)
  • debug_level - verbosity (default - error)
  • host - host where is running server part of olivia (default - localhost)
  • port - the same about port
  • user_token - your own token (default - generated on the first run)