Write your own module

With olivia, you can easily add a module:

First of all make sure you are working inside GOPATH/src/github.com/olivia-ai/olivia

Just write in a new file inside the modules package

package modules

func init() {
		Tag: "mymodule",
		Patterns: []string{
			"Here are the patterns of my module like",
			"Could you give me the latest post of r/memes"
		Responses: []string{
			"And here are the responses, %s",
			"Yes, the post title is %s !",
		Replacer: MyModuleReplacer,

func MyModuleReplacer(entry, response string) string {
    // Here execute actions on the string!
    return response

If there's already a save (res/training.json) you must delete it and re-run the REST Api